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Chinese students in Spain captured the 22 meter European giant catfish

ge editor: Tianma Chu song now Spain to study,
finally taking the time to catch a fish,
finally beat to the European giant catfish,
Tianma saw the fishing is blood expansion,
specially arranged in the May 4th Youth Day this day released; I believe the future will be more and more China like Jeremy Wade in the global search traces of fish.
Fishing skills first micro signal: diaoyujiqiao giant catfish fight video,
19 minutes: 21-23 March 2016 place: Spain,
Zaragoza people: I (PhD),
alberT and LUCIO gear into chaos: H adjustable road and pole number,
Penn 5500 spinning wheels,
Daiwa spider rod MH and m respectively a water wheel,
a metanuim DC2015 Daiwa,
the big spider water wheel group: catfish fishing using 0.
5 spiderwire braided line,
14spiderwire braided line and sea bass fishing before