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Fashion has nothing to do with age. They're all 60 years old, but they're wearing a 10 - Street Street

nk fashion is just a game for young people,
then take a look at these pictures and you'll see how ridiculous you are.
This series is called advanced mode: the older the more sensible photographer Ari Seth Cohen works,
he traveled all over the world to visit,
from Sweden to Italy,
South Africa,
in order to prove that fashion has nothing to do with age,
it's just your attitude.
The heroes he shot were all over 60,
but it was undeniable that they had impeccable fashion sense.
Important notice of street taking for old people!! WeChat has a sticky ~ please call out posters fashion network micro signal top,
prove to seal my position in your heart you NO.
1 ~ every day I declare to the people waiting for what! 123,
do it right away! The lower case: click on read the original poster vi