chrome hearts

Grab the song sent to Nakamoto magazine cover limited edition lipstick husband come with bazaar with hand chop

end of the sun,
millions of young girls have fallen into a collective romance.
You never see a week to go down on the helicopter shuttle freely the husband husband; a hail of bullets; wearing uniforms wearing sunglasses husband; white shirt dirty shoes tease sister with her husband;.
But never mind ~ bazaar on behalf of thousands on thousands of fans,
made a special trip to South Korea and Song Joong Ki were close contact.
We'll take you ba sister this wonderful blockbusters ~ air can feel that he is like the sun like warmth,
the eyes are su ~ you imagine you are watching TV at home,
came back to find such a person that has a high color value and pure eyes,
side lying on the sofa so gently at you.
Such a man is not who he can be We thought the Obama dressed in black,
her eyes full of