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Moron brothers 4 hilarious parody Oscar Festival debut

Iqiyi produced the drama moron brothers 4 held a conference on the line.
Iqiyi CEO Gong Yu,
senior vice president Yang Xianghua,
general manager of the homemade drama development center,
Ying Ying delivered speeches.
Guo Donglin said at the scene to participate in 5 moron brothers,
as well as the history of the most free awards ceremony,
comedy hit! Iqiyi CEO Gong Yu said the ordinary people also have the right to pursue happiness,
Iqiyi is very clear,
more positive energy Sunshine Youth; senior vice president Yang Xianghua said that Iqiyi members enjoy massive video resources,
film and television drama in advance,
clarity and sound effects have a better experience; self-made drama development center general manager Dai Ying thanks a lot of tal