chrome hearts

Playing even cry like this also battered husband Zhang Tian'ai

oday is Youth Day ~ your youth what eternal memory? The romantic drama my friend Miss Chen Bailu,
produced by Iqiyi and Sky TV,
once again exposed characters,
trailers and posters today.
Trailer four starring in appearance,
personality and emotional cues also further disclosure; four starring character posters is involved in dreamlike blue whirlpool,
ups and downs in the struggle.
Another decisive man in a relationship there will be some people you don't know the involuntarily close to but somewhere to get involved in diamonds,
white petals,
these flashy people actually love is also so stubborn as Chen Bailu has hit not to the doom that Chen Yan Chen Bai Chen Yan in order to let her convergence prodigal dew the mind has to face all kinds of life from her in her provocative Island