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Taobao how to open a train, the University of Commerce star courses came!

rain is one of the most popular operating tools for Taobao merchants,
but the use of through trains is very learned.
Before you drive through a car,
first of all,
you have to think about what you need it for,
drainage or brand exposure.
If you want to earn money by relying on a through train,
you must first learn to measure whether your train is profitable and not just look at the surface data in the through train account.
When you are in a loss,
how do you control the value of traffic,
how to control the PPC,
and how to optimize the conversion rate? These have to return to the basic level,
and test selection,
diction and creative quality test,
So what is the flow used for? How should we view the express train? What is the correct driving position? What is the charge for