chrome hearts

This is the real Viking Thor, the most popular Viking in the world

orable ten so-called God is licking the screen crop after that,
like the village of spring of Chinese chive.
This is not,
the last similar to Ding's Spanish small meat,
but also braved the heat,
looking for the United States,
netizens are locked in the eyes of a Norway man.
Because he was so much like a Viking,
he was a God in northern mythology.
Lasse Matberg,
30 years old,
waist long hair collocation chest golden beard,
holding 100 Jin Mjollnir MJOLNIR,
waist belt and Makin Gio de power,
the man,
the magnificent broad shouldered! Well,
that's the thor.
Although our hero is not so exaggerated,
but said the figure,
but not worse than the hammer brother.
Please look at the love of his girl,
basically from the Scandinavian islands has been routed to Zhangjiakou.
6 men 6 feet in length,