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VR video live to change the otaku living black technology, into the anchor room and goddess zero distance contact

r the long teachers standing in front of you,
what kind of feeling? What's the hottest technology this year? It must be VR (virtual reality),
and VR technology is praised as the next revolution of internet.
What does VR bring to people? Four words: immersive! VR technology can be widely used in various fields: Shopping: in March 17th this year,
the Alibaba announced the establishment of Ali VR laboratory,
Buy+ and launch the new shopping way,
using VR technology,
3D interactive shopping environment generation.
This technology will break through the limitations of time and space,
the real shopping malls around the country,
all kinds of goods casually try.
Education: in 2015,
Google announced the ExpeditionsPioneer project,
designed to help children improve their classroom experience using