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What's the best gift mom has ever had?

g of April 29th with the new teacher 19:30 her fantasy Mimi Dora Downing parachuted into the bookstore and meet the readers the host for columnist Mayatt invited guest professor Xie Youshun of Zhongshan University and the famous scholar Fei Yong teacher Mimi Dora will share at the start of her teacher to personally read Mimi Dora a fragment of the original with the most simple the way to let the readers into the text.
in sharing the stage of preparation,
Xiao Bian also received a different fan text recording,
hoping to give her a surprise teacher.
(interested friends can scan two-dimensional code below (listen) fans recording via Ali MIA: Deer) and the share will not be the same,
the opening to read,
with the sound when the media seems to be more suitable for the chil