chrome hearts

When a boy comes to his aunt, the world is perfect

ever understood the hysteria of the girls when they came to their big aunt,
until one day they found out that they had come to their aunt too.
Action rough boy,
just change a sanitary napkin on.
he had a difficult problem,
forgot to bring sanitary napkins! To the second day of the menstrual period.
finally home,
but the situation is not optimistic,
because he always posted bad sanitary towel,
resulting in side leakage,
he came up with a great idea! He put the clothes on their waists,
think others see it,
although the ground was still bleeding,
he asked quietly on the side of colleagues: this invisible? Colleagues said: embarrassed,
should not see.
A few days to boil down,
the aunt has put his toss about the adult,
a messy decadent appearance,
but also a cold,
the gi