chrome hearts

You have only one luminous skirt from the net red

ushered in the annual fashion Oscar Met Gala,
held in New York local time on May 2nd.
Met Gala New York Metropolitan Museum of Art charity dance abbreviation,
is the most solemn party in the fashion industry,
admission ticket up to 25000 U.
Maybe so,
you still do not have sense,
then look at this egg cake ~ remember? This is the 2015Met Gala Rihanna finale Dress ~ last year to China: a mirage and insubstantial objects as the theme of China wind dance,
the domestic and foreign media surprise saybyebye.
So this year,
Met Gala said,
this year to play a technology ,
the theme is hand as X machine: the fashion of science and technology ~ so,
attended the star painting style has become so.
Do you think wearing black spots with silver light or silver can make b