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Baoqiang Wang for the first time to do the director, triggering 5 million strong onlookers push

the film market has developed rapidly,
and competition has become increasingly fierce.
In order to promote films,
marketing is also pervasive.
Some movies use facial packs flexibly,
hot social media.
Some movies will be popularized on the hot list,
detonated movie heat.
Some films from the press conference articles,
from the square dance to the underwear show,
suction index burst table.
Some movies simply throw human bombs,
the national multi station road show anger brush presence.
what is popular now,
film marketing will be updated,
and constantly play out a variety of tricks.
In short,
you can't do it without film marketing.
In 2016,
the trend's key words were VR and live broadcast,
and the film marketing team naturally wouldn't miss the boom.
the full name Virtual