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[blind] the whole journey to the west, Shanghai dialect, a word summed up

ryone! Shanghai short program rubbage what about seventh sets to the head! / / from the beginning of a period,
Alaa Alice opened the watch me change seventy-two mode,
the last into the fox,
it became the who? He will become clouds,
piercing eye Sun Wukong,
then it becomes.
He rambles on the master - Tang Seng.
Two people in the journey to the West in two,
his brother also by the face.
Today to say these two words and the pronunciation of the name of many big brother is similar to our respondents say exactly the two word is unrealistic to complete the work,
to reach the target.
Take into account the first word,
you certainly do not know,
or open the video,
listen to Alice,
explain to you! -End- video production | Chen Alice four most fun a deep V swimming master disc black | Shanghai