chrome hearts

DuangDuangDuang, the big thing has started again

le shows,
a massive activity is slowly starting! FM93 the thirteenth spring car festival YongKang Railway Station is about to start this week! Yes,
I admit,
it's an advertisement.
This is a good advertisement.
What is a good advertisement? It is good advertising that can bring you tangible benefits.
Buy a car,
we have the source of goods! FM93 Taiwan series of activities in the thirteenth session of the Spring Festival Car Buying new upgrade! This time we will tour the five places in the province.
May 7th,
8 (Saturday and Sunday),
YongKang Railway Station in Yongkang International Convention and Exhibition center! Choi promised,
pony airborne site to help you bargain! Bargain for you! Bargain for you! Spring car festival,
YongKang Railway Station,
May 7th,
8 (Saturday,