chrome hearts

For the first time, ooxx, how did you all happen?

because of lack of money,
let friends help find a driving job.
it was almost early in the morning,
and I thought about riding my folding bike and going back to school,
or the dormitory would be closed.
Who knows another single,
I did not want to take a look at each other,
but the destination is actually the University City,
I was happy,
I thought this good luck,
also can make a return to school.
in after seeing the customer,
I was dumbfounded.
The client was a woman,
with a deep V on her upper body and a short little skirt over her body,
revealing a pair of long legs,
white and tender,
and wearing high heels as high as mine.
She has a bright face,
probably drank a lot of wine relations,
apricot eyes blurred,
all over the body are emitting a charming atmosphere.
The r