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May 5, 2016 price morning paper (voice edition)

the average floor price gap between cities was obvious.
Middle hospital statistics show that: the impact of new market regulation,
first-tier cities land market was cooling,
the turnover of the floor price of 850 yuan / square meter,
plunged 75% QoQ,
down 93%; due to intensive brand enterprises captured the second tier city,
second tier city turnover floor price reached 3007 yuan / square meters,
up 53% year-on-year,
up 180%.
the national development and Reform Commission: give full play to the price leverage,
power supply side structural reform.
The price of a series of policy measures since the 2015 launch,
has achieved remarkable effect to stimulate the vitality of the market,
reduce business costs and optimize price environment; focus on the price the next step of reform is to