chrome hearts

Old carpenter for his son made pure pine wedding room, 4 lie 2 Wei, cost 200 thousand

d a large-scale housing called ,
because the wooden building be busy at putting up installations has long been synonymous with Chinese as building.
But with the development of the times,
wooden materials are gradually replaced by brick and concrete,
wooden buildings are rare.
Xi'an Huxian South sheep village carpenter Zheng Zhongfu spent nearly 4 years,
conceived of more than 300 square meters,
2 storey wooden house is about to be capped,
and hope to arouse people's attention to traditional wooden buildings.
400 pieces of wood to build two storey wooden house yesterday,
Zheng courtyard floating wood fragrance,
filled with wooden built with pine.
The 2 storey wooden house built in the middle of the courtyard,
sitting north to south,
has been largely completed,
with only the back