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PHILPS noodles machine highlights, one by one, love noodles, star people, take a look at this filled with incense evaluation

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PHILPS noodle machine bought almost a month,
followed by the North American gentleman to enter the history of low-cost,
about 00 bar.
Since I bought it is love,
not only can make the egg noodles,
alkaline water,
Japan Hand-Pulled Noodle,
as long as you think the fundamentals can do the dumplings ah,
Griddle Cake ah this is no exception,
after the truth.
I really want to talk about it,
because I really like it.
unpacking noodles machine comes with 4 shaping discs,
Chinese name noodles head,
can be out of different shapes of noodles.
If you want to make noodles of special shapes,
you can also buy shaping discs.
There is also