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Silicon Valley madman. I never understood why I needed sleep

destined to spell black and blue.
Great product those after countless nights of suffering is created by the exploits of the medal.
Source: Cheetah Fu Sheng (fstalk) recommender: Fu Cheng young generation entrepreneurs prone to common problems,
is to think too simple in the future,
too much feelings,
too idealistic and personal heroism.
Thought to be a CEO,
unlimited scenery,
flowers countless,
there are many employees,
feeling very cool.
Such entrepreneurial mindset is a crisis.
First of all,
let you underestimate the degree of difficulty,
slightly frustrated,
there is a sense of frustration; secondly,
it is difficult to sink,
really focused.
Enthusiasm and passion for career may seem moving,
but it doesn't set you on the right path.
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