chrome hearts

The director is so 90 shoot large gaming explosion

micro signal: wow36kr the audience is not the same ah,
we are game player sprayer.
The director of the six gaming the baby,
his works,
Iqiyi on line three days to recover the cost,
up to now more than 14 million hits.
The explosion of the product + + network gaming precise crowd red shadow tour is the linkage of investors and the media love to hear stories,
if this story plus a full passion for gaming 90 director,
almost perfect.
But the six do not love this story,
when the industry began to do a variety of gaming network health content,
I put the product out.
Six doll so boils down to this movie will burst the reason,
and this product is not bad,
after all,
I understand the electronic competition in that kind of feeling.
He is the Sky of the powder was idiotic,
become an occupat