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Fans ask questions, Wu Yifan long-term development in foreign countries, affecting domestic popularity, Li Yifeng, Zhao Liying relations, Zhang Han, Zheng Shuang, and then cooperation

ring  please talk about Wu Yifan! He has been filming abroad for half a year,
has any impact on the popularity of the country? Later on will always be in a variety of foreign filming? A lot of Wu Yifan now has been the focus of the activities and filming does not diminish his domestic popularity in abroad,
instead of foreign team will give him more opportunities for these,
he opened the international road very helpful.
Dont worry,
Wu Yifan is going to take another play abroad.
After the filming,
he will return to China for a period of time.
My sister,
my sister,
my husband and Li Ying are my favorite husbands! Two people recently co Zhu Xian,
but the topic is not a lot,
I just want to know how the relationship between two people? Pray for the flop flop,
the love you da ~ them in the square relationship is very good,
two people are the type.
All two people belong to the kind of person who makes friends with a co actor after filming.
Its just a love affair without a net.
Grilled sister,