chrome hearts

The latest news of a high cold line of small meat before, at the airport to help lost children, looking for mom's heart warm heart

ring er! Share a story with you!!! I used to like a male star W,
very handsome,
high cold line.
Then my friend said she saw him at the airport before.
A few years ago,
when he was not very hot,
he was alone at the airport,
and there were few fans around him.
The airport was a little boy and his mother lost a man crying,
nobody dares to say what,
W came up a few words of comfort to the child,
also make him laugh,
finally several fans together to help the child find her mother.
Feel really warm heart,
friends said he felt very handsome,
so impressive,
did not expect the development of so good,
ha ha ha,
I proudly smile,
die without powder!