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Husband and wife live comfortable skills, which expert wrote too well, have to look at

ring ck on the above free subscription! 1 techniques are: harmony between husband and wife to the satisfaction of all deaf dumb man -- any woman nagging woman for the dummy was 2 men as boundless as the sea and sky peoples life: the election of teachers,
the wisdom of life; choosing the right partner,
happy life; choose the environment happy life; selection of friends,
sweet life; election of the industry,
achievement life.
the most healthy is the best gift,
contentment is the greatest wealth,
kindness is the best character; care is the most sincere greetings,
care is the most selfless thoughts,
blessings are the most beautiful words! 4 trees and love is the road,
friends are trees; life is only one road,
a road more than trees; the rich never forget the way,
the lack of time to rely on the tree; you dont get lost,
the rest of the time watering the trees.
5 how to ignore the taste of life troubles,
short dozens of years,
not handsome face; friends often,
regardless of how expensive calls,
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