chrome hearts

I'm single, not dead

ring t reply send you a bedtime warm heart would rather abandon others also do not want to be abandoned and some people in love and self-esteem are particularly serious,
for fear of being abandoned,
so when aware of the feelings in the wind sways grass found each other,
not so love yourself,
will put this feeling into the death sentence.
Some people would say this is a typical glass heart,
but I dont think theres anything wrong with it.
In love,
people will become strange creatures.
Two days ago,
the big night was a WeChat woke up,
it was a friend Xin Xin sent a message,
I broke up with him.
Ah Xin is a very stubborn girl,
one in a day.
But did not expect that she will be lifted,
a boy said to her that day,
I love a girl but do not know how to speak,
you and the girl specially cooked,
please help out.
Pure Xin Xin asks which girl is,
she has guessed all the good friends around,
not the girl whom he says is very familiar.
Slow response Xin,
this just realized that this elder brother is tellin