chrome hearts

Remember the Peking University graduate who sold pork? It shocked the nation again

ring n! A college entrance exam,
Peking University,
80s Gods favored one.
A gentle professor? An officer holding power? Or a shrewd businessman? These images are the expectations of Lu Buxuans parents,
and also Lu Buxuans design for his future.
none of them are.
Lu Buxuan is just a butcher,
a butcher.
The profession of selling pork is estimated to be far removed from Lu Buxuans image of himself.
So that in April 2013,
Lu Buxuan was invited back to Beijing University to do pioneering lectures,
there have been several degrees of choking,
said he lost his face to the alma mater,
and wiped out the black,
I was a negative material.
in Beijing University,
when Lu Buxuan said this,
the audience students applause,
Peking University old president Xu Zhihong smiled and said: Peking University Graduates sell pork,
and nothing bad.
A little work does not affect a mans lofty ideal.
Peking University can be a politician,
and pork,
all the same.
For Xu Zhihong this senten