chrome hearts

ring cher,
100 teachers house reading ambassadors,
11 years engaged in the education of the children of senior childrens book editor,
specializing in the promotion of reading and consulting work,
love the childrens psychological research,
family education,
love reading,
love to share.
What books will soon be on top of good books as soon as they are published? What is the book? Even the daughter of the president of the United States,
is a big fan of it What books are the favorite books for 5 million readers in dozens of countries throughout the world? What is the book in Chinas most cattle double 11 national carnival,
won the magazine top selling list champion? What on earth is this magical book about? Is it a sharp corner? What bird cant fly? What bird is not a fish,
but stays in the sea most of the time? What birds live in the coldest place in the world all year round? They swim,
they migrate,
and they slide on the snow.
They are -- are penguins the best in the world? The worlds larges